Relation between category, venue, service and employee

In this part, we will explain the relation between category, venue, service and employees. This is important part of OS Services Booking extension, we believe you need to know these relations when you organize your Appointment booking system, both backend and front-end. Please take a look at bellow picture. As you can see, the top of picture is blue bar with word “Category”. On category can include many services.
If we consider the above picture is an example of one Booking system, then this system has 2 venues (Venue A and Venue B) and 3 services (Service A, Service B and Service C).
Both 2 venues (A and B) have the same Services (Service A, B, C) Each service has employees. In above system, we have 9 employees. The main key that we can distinguish is employees at Venue A can’t work on the same services in Venue B. And one service (Employee 6) can work on multiple services (Service A and Service C – Venue B).