OSB Permission Access Level

Back-end tools permissions

This is important feature of OS Services Booking, our extension provide a very flexible and powerful mechanism for handling permissions. In case you want to assign permissions to Back-end tools for some specific Joomla groups, you can use this feature.
Access Administration Interface: Access to OS Services Booking administrator interface.
Manage Categories: Access to Categories management page Manage Services: Access to Services management page
Manage Employees: Access to Employees management page
Manage Venues: Access to Venues management page
Manage Orders: Access to Orders management page
Manage Payment Plugins: Access to Payment plugins management page Manage Coupons: Access to Coupons management page Manage User Balance: Access to User Balance page Manage Working time Access to Working time management page
Manage Custom Working time: Access to Custom working time management page
Manage Custom Fields: Access to Custom fields management page
Manage Translation: Access to Translation tool page
Manage Emails: Access to Email templates management page
Configuration: Access to Configuration page

Managing Orders at Front-end

If you want user in specific Joomla user group to be able to manage orders at front-end, you need assign permission: Front-end Manage Orders to Joomla user group.

Manaing Check-in at Front-end

OS Services Booking has feature "Check-in" feature for each order item at front-end side. By this way, one user can change status of order item to "Checked-in". You need to assign Joomla user group who have permission to Front-end Check-in Management the order at front-end side.