Admin Interface

OS Services Booking gives you the friendly administrator interface with the standard structure of Joomla so it is very easy to manage your store.

Access OS Services Booking

Login to your back-end side, then go to Components -> OS Services Booking to access to OS Services Booking component.

OS Services Booking Dashboard and Menu System

OS Services Booking has its own Dashboard and Toggle Menu System to help you access to different sections fast and easily.

OS Services Booking is all standard Joomla

Edocman has the admin interface is designed based on standard of Joomla.

  1. The list items page with filters option, pagination, publish/unpublish icons.
  2. The toolbar with standard buttons (New, Edit, Copy, Publish, Unpublish, Delete).
  3. The edit item form with the information is divided into tabs.
  4. The data for different languages is also divided into different tabs.
  5. Use javascript for specific functionalities

All is clear and very friendly for end-users.