Employee is what is being booked or reserved. An employee can be anything you want, a room (meeting room, exercise room, etc.), a person (doctor, hair stylist, etc.) or an object (computer, golf clubs, Ferrari).

Employees List

Go to OS Services Booking -> Employees to access to employees management section of OS Services Booking. You will see a list of employees: To assign employee to services, please click on the calendar icon at the “Services” Table.
In the page Assign employee to specific service, you will be able to select the working date (in week) of employee with that service. You also can setup the break-time of employee in working-date.

Breaktime are the time that employee not working. So please pay attention in this part. A lot customers misunderstand the Breaktime is Working time of employee on specific service.

Select user You can select one Joomla user account who is representative of employee. This user can manage the works list of employee at front-end of OS Services Booking. Each Joomla user account can only be representative for one employee.
Name An employee must have a name. Ex: 'Meeting Rom A' or 'Dr. Allan Harper.'
GCalendar Username Required to access Google Calendar to add/remove events
GCalendar Password Required to access Google Calendar to add/remove events. In some case, you need to enter the 2nd – verification password. Read more at GCalendar integration part.
Latitude address Coordinates of venue location. You don’t need to enter value, because the system can find this value through address of venue. This value will be used to show the Google map of venue at front-end of OS Services Booking
GCalendar ID Only required if you are using a calendar other than the default for this login. This is obtained on the Google Calendar 'Calendar Settings' screen, Calendar Address section
Notes The description is often just set to the name but can also include more information
Rest days Enter the dates that the employee won’t allow the appointment booking requests
Contact phone This value will be shown at the front-end of OS Services Booking
Services At front-end of OS Services Booking, when customer want to make the appointment booking request, firstly, they must select service, and then they will select the employee of that services. Based on that, we can see the close relation between employees and service. That’s the reason to make this part become important. In employee modification page, you will see the list of Services in your OS Services Booking system.
1. Service
If you want to assign employee to one service, please tick on the checkbox next to Service name. 2. Venue
With selected each service, you can assign the employee to one specific Venue in the dropdown select list Venue beside Service name. The venues in that dropdown select list have relation with the current service. (See more at Venue part)
We will have case, in the dropdown select list Venue, there aren’t any options. No problem, the simple reason is service hasn’t been assigned to any venues. Remember venue is optional object.
3. Additional cost
The cost of employee on one time slot in specific service is the cost of that service (This value was defined in service modification page). But you can enter the additional cost for employee in each specific service. And the cost that customer must pay is the total of service’s cost and employee’s additional cost.
4. Working date
After all above parts are completed, the employee is still disappearing in the service page at front-end. You need to determine the following days of week that the employee is available for booking. Each day of week, you can setup 2 break time ranges. In those time ranges, the employee isn’t available for booking.
Additional price by hour In different time ranges at one working date, the cost for employee maybe difference. For example, overtime costs always higher than the cost of work in office hours. So you can setup the additional cost follow different time ranges in one working day

From Employees management page, click on Availability Calendar icon, it will open new page with big availability calendar of the employee in the main page. In each day, you can click to set the day is available or unavailable.