Coupon & Discount

OS Services Booking has 2 discount type options:
1. Coupon discount
Coupon is a ticket that can be exchanged for a financial discount when customer make an appointment requests in OS Services Booking.
2. Discount by groups This feature allows you to setup one discount amount for specific Joomla group. When user of discount group logged in, they will have discount based on amount you entered. When you use Discount by group feature, you won't need to enter Coupon code and OS Services Booking won't calculate: Max total use and Max user use

Note: You can run 2 types of discounts (by Coupon code and by groups) at the same time

To manage Discounts, you can click on Manage Coupons icon at the Dashboard.
From this page, you can add/edit/publish/unpublished the coupons that you need. To add coupon, click on New at the toolbar

Title Title of Coupon
Discount by This field shows the Discount type, there are 2 options: Coupon discount and Discount by group.
Coupon code An alphanumeric string of characters to be the coupon code given to users to enter in order to receive the discount. Example: ABC123
Discount The discount amount that customer will get when they enter correct coupon code
Discount type Percent: The percentage of total amount that customer will get
Fixed: The fixed amount that customer will get
Max total use This is the maximum times an individual user can use this coupon. Only works if booking requires login. Set to 0 for no limit
Max user use This is the maximum times the coupon be used in total (by all users). Set to 0 for no limit
Start time The Date that Discount began to take effect. Leave empty to start the Discount programe now
Expiry date The Date that Discount program expires. Leave this field empty if you want the discount program will never expires
State Published/ Unpublished